Proclamation of the Irish Republic 1916

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'Proclamation of the Irish Republic, 1916: the title deed of Irish republicanism' by Michael Kenny seeks to place the Proclamation in its historical context, with particular reference to the earlier proclamations and declarations from which it drew its inspiration. Witness statements by the three printers and contemporary eye-witness accounts from combatants and civilians help to explain the saga of its printing, the story of its distrubition and the reaction of the public to its message. A detailed and graphically illustrated examination of the typographical errors and peculiariteis of the Proclamation is also provided. The story of the Proclamation and its printing is illustrated with artefacts and documents from the Historical Collection of the National Museum of Ireland. The author joined the staff of the National Museum in 1975 and worked as a curator in the Art and Indistrial Division, before retiring as Keeper in 2012.