Wild Irish Women

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"Wild Irish Women: Extraordinary Lives from History" is a fascinating collection of portraits of 75 unorthodox women, including writers, patriots, artists, healers, politicians, revolutionaries, entertainers, lovers, warriors and record-breakers. The Dublin Historical Record stated that 'After reading this book, one can never again ignore the role of Irishwomen'. Author Marian Broderick's fascination with Irish history and women's studies shines through, and she has balanced the more famous names in the book, such as Grace O' Malley, Lady Augusta Gregory, Kitty Kiernan and Nora Barnacle, with the inclusion of some little-known but colourful characters. These include Biddy Early, animal-healer and poteen-drinker extraordinaire; Lady Betty, murderer and public executioner; the cross-dressing soldier Kit Cavanagh and Ireland's last 'changeling', Bridget Cleary. A glossary explains terms such as the Anglo-Irish Treaty, Black and Tans, Brehon law, Cumann na mBan, Irish Women's Franchise League, Parnellites, Royal Hibernian Academy etc. The book also contains some black and while photos and portraits.