The Viking Age Buildings of Dublin

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This two-part paperback volume was the first of the joint National Museum of Ireland and Royal Irish Academy series on the Dublin excavations and reports on the structures unearthed in the course of the National Musuem's excavations in old Dublin. Part 1 contains the descriptions and discussion of the buildings and the catalogue; Part 2 contains all the figures and house plans. The National Musuem's twenty-year excavation campaign included the excavations directed by A.B. Ó Ríordáin at High Street, Winetavern Street and Christchurch Place, as well as the author, Patrick F. Wallace's excavations of the Wood Quay group of sites including Wood Quay, Fishamble Street and John's Lane. Both Viking Age (for these purposes early tenth to mid twelfth century inclusive) and Anglo-Norman (later twelfth to early fourteenth century) waterfront and habitation sites are represented. This catalogue and related study result from work done on the Wood Quay and Fishamble Streeet excavations direced by Patrick F. Wallace for the National Musuem of Ireland form 1974 to 1981 inclusive. It deals with the building remains of the tenth to the early twelfth century inclusive.