Historical Atlas of the Vikings

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'The Penguin Historical Atlas of the Vikings' aims to provide a continuous series of maps covering the history of the Viking age from its prehistoric origins through to its end in the 12th century. The accompanying text highlights some of the major controversies and issues in the history of the age rather than to provide a comprehensive introduction to the subject. John Haywood also shows that the Vikings were more than just marine terrorists, but were also traders and craftsmen, explorers, settlers and mercenaries. The author follows the tracks of the Viking merchants who travelled deep into Russia, of Viking mercenaries who served in the emporer's bodyguard at Constantinople, and of Viking mariners who sailed beyond the edge of the known world to North America. Feauring over 60 full colour maps, over 80 illustrations, comprehensive timelines and a list of Viking kings and rulers from 800 to 1100 AD in Denmark. Norway, Dublin, York, Orkney, Normandy and Kievan Rus.