Myths and Legends of the Celts

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Myths and Legends of the Celts by James McKillop is described by Professor Barry Cunliffe as "a brilliant intorduction to the world of the Celts through their vivid literature". The Celts created an intricately woven mythology describing the deeds of gods and godesses; legendry heroes such as Cú Chulainn, Brian mac Febail and the warrior queen Medh; and shadowy otherworlds that were the home of spirits and fairies. This is a fascinating introduction to the myths and legends of the peoples who inhabited the western fringes of Europe - from Ireland, Britain and the Isle of Man to Gaul and Brittany. It looks at the nature of Celtic religion, with its rituals of sun and moon worship, and at the druids who served society as judges, diviners and philosophers. It examines the many Celtic dieties who were linked with animals and natural phenomena such as rivers and caves, or who later became associated with local Christian saints. It also covers sacred kinship in early Ireland, goddesses, warrior queens and saints, calendar feasts, the Irish mythological cycles, and a section on British and Welsh traditions and oral myths. A comprehensive 20 page list of leading names and terms in Celtic mythology and a useful pronunciation key are also provided.