Exploring the World of the Celts

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Exploring the World of the Celts covers the story of the Celts from the seventh century BC to the Celtic renaissance in post-Roman times. There are chapters on Celtic life, the Celts at war, their gods and shrines, and their magnificent arts and crafts. It includes relatively recent discoveries such as the golden helmet at Agris in France and the Celtic body in the bog, Lindow Man, and the Snettisham Tresure. Extracts from the writings of Classical authors who described the Celtic way of life are covered, and there are specially drawn maps and explanatory diagrams of Celtic tombs, hillforts and construction techniques. There is a gazeteer of sites and museums to visit that includes our National Museum of Ireland - Archaeology in KIldare St, Dublin. A glossary of terms and recommendations for further reading are also supplied. The author, Simon James, is Senior Lecturer in Archaeology at the University of Leicester.