The Historical Atlas of the Celtic World

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Professor Barry Cunliffe writes in the foreword of this book that "in this Atlas John Haywood presents a brilliantly balanced and entirely up-to-date picture of the Celts through time, from their distant origins far back in prehistory to the present day. It is an incomparable source, an essential companion for everyone setting out to discover the Celts, no matter where their journey begins." Ther are chapters on the Celtic identity - from their languages to Druids, sanctuaries, temples, hillforts and brochs; the earliest Celts - their origins in the Bronze Age, and their remarkable migrations across Europe in the Iron Age; the continental Celts - from the Hallstatt and La Tene cultures to the Celts of France, Spain, Italy and Anatolia, and their fate under Roman rule; the Celts of Britain and Ireland - from Roman times and King Arthur to the rise of Gaelic Ireland, the Welsh princedoms and the making of Scotland; the Celts today - the spread of Celts to all corners of the globe, from North America to Patagonia, South Africa and Australia, and the Celtic Revival. An absorbing and informative read.