Fatal Path: British Government and the Irish Revolution 1910-1922

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1910 to 1922 was the most turbulent decade in Anglo-Irish history; a time when violence and the threat of violence trumped democratic politics. Historians have written about this period as an aberration, but here the author argues that the violence worked. The resistance of the Ulster Unionists forced the creation of Northern Ireland and the Home Rule party of constitutional nationalists were pushed aside by the revolutionary nationalists, Sinn Fein. Ruthlessly analytical of the indecision displayed by politicians at Westminster when faced with revolutionary intransigence, this has been described as "essential reading for anyone seeking to understand how relations between Britain and Ireland got to where they are today." (David Goodall, Tablet). Ronan Fanning is a member of the Royal Irish Academy, and Professor Emeritus of Modern History at University College Dunlin.