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It's an expedition through the Irish language... it's a Foclóiropedia! Get ready to go on an exciting adventure through your language. Language-learners of any age will be totally absorbed by Fatti Burke's detailed illustrations and her father John's fabulous facts, words and phrases, which can be found on every page. Find out the Irish origin of place names throughout the country. Can you say what your favourite music is as Gaeilge? Sort out your Cé mhead from your Cén fáth. Learn all the ways to describe yourself, from your head and eye colour to your personality and style. Spot a word for everything in your home, garden and town. Even learn mionchomhrá to make conversation with your friends! Go word hunting and heritage collecting as you see your language come alive on this amazing linguistic tour. By the end of it, you'll have a foclóiropedic knowledge yourself! Another delightfully narrated and illustrated book by Fatti and John Burke.