A Journey

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"A Journey: Twenty-seven Years of the Work of Irish Woodturner Emmet Kane" catalogues the retrospective exhibition that was held at the National Musuem of Ireland - Decorative Arts and History in 2015. This beautifully ilustrated book details Emmet's woodturning evolution and influences, explaining how he demonstrates an unwavering ability to champion and challenge the medium, constantly changing his styles and continuously questioning the directions that his work is taking. As well as chainsawing, Emmet utilises sandblasting, metal leaf and hand carving, combining precious and semi precious metals to create multifaceted pieces that are textural, sculptural abstract art forms that embrace the imperfections and flaws of the natural material. Combined with ebonising the wood, many vessels and sculptural pieces appear like old metal castings, partially melted or eroded. Others are abstract forms and vessels with coloured spikes and hollowed forms. All have a visual and textural aesthetic that elevate Emmet's woodturning to a unique expression of his personal journey in his exploration of the medium of wood. Emmet Kane has been an elected board member of the Crafts Council of Ireland since 1998 and is past president of the Irish Woodturners Guild.