Irish Country Furniture and Furnishings

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This major illustrated study investigates farmhouse and cabin furniture from all over the island of Ireland. It discusses the origins and evolution of useful objects, what materials were used and why, and how furniture was made for small spaces, often with renewable elements. Encompassing three centuries, it illuminates a way of life that has almost vanished, contributing to our knowledge of the cultural history of Ireland as much as to the history of Irish furniture. This is a substantially different publication from the earlier 'Irish Country Furniture 1700-1950' published in 1993. This new book incorporates the findings of more recent research. Many of the black and white pictures in the 1993 book are in colour here, except for archive pictures. Additionally, fieldwork photographs by the author from the late 1980s have been digitised and published here for the first time. Together with an extra 120 illustrations, the main text has been fully updated and revised, with a new chapter and preface. The time scale is also broadened to include discussions of objects and interiors up to the year 2000. Hardback edition.