The Coastal Atlas of Ireland

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The Coastal Atlas of Ireland is a comprehensive and authoritative tribute to the Irish coast. With contributations from over one hundred scholars and experts in a range of diverse fields from geography to biology to archaeology, geology and history, the Atlas is the only single publication to explore the coast of Ireland as a whole, from both the physical and social perspectives. It features hundreds of original maps and beautiful illustrations, carefully selected to bring the text to life. The Atlas examines the importance of the coastal zone to Ireland across a range of themes, including tourism and recreation, fishing, aquaculture, energy, ports and linked industries. It explores these themes across both space and time, from the impacts of Quaternary glaciation on the Irish landscape to the future impacts of climate warming on coastal communities and Irish societies. Visually stunning, accessible and an academic tour de force, the Atlas will resonate with everybody who has a connection to Ireland and anybody with an interest in coasts. Presiden Michael D. Higgins says of the Atlas "Ireland's ancient relationship with the waters that surround our island is one that has shaped so much of who we moves through the human colonisation of Ireland to the complex cultural and economic landscapes of more recent times. A consideration of our coastal and marine environments is essential to our understanding of the history of Ireland and its people and of our present circumstances." This is a substantial publication, weighing 4.5kg.