Constance Markievicz: Irish Revolutionary

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Aristocrat and republican, socialist and artist, feminist and free spirit, Constance Markievicz née Gore-Booth was a pivotal figure in the revolutionary movement that culminated in the Rising of 1916, and in its long and painful aftermath leading to Irish Independence. She was also the first woman ever elected to Parliament and to hold a Cabinet position. From the priveleged nineteenth-century world of her youth at Lissadell in Sligo and an artist's life in Paris, to the dramas and disappointments of revolution and politics in Dublin, her compelling story provides an entrée to that tumultuous period in Irish history. Anne Haverty's biography has been recognised as a landmark in Markievicz studies, giving a historically complete account of a woman often maligned and misunderstood. Her vivid and engagingly written story will be enjoyed as much by the general reader as by the serious student of Irsh history. This revised, updated edition comes with a new introduction.