Harry Clarke The Life and Work

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This is a revised edition of what has become recognised as the definitive biography of Clarke and critical survey of his oeuvre. As such it provides a chronological and contextual framework of study for his ceaseless and varied output - in Dublin, London, the Aran Islands, Glasgow, Paris and finally America. In Clarke, a fundamentally Arts and Crafts ideology is fused with a Celtic Revivalist spirit seeking expression in a modern idiom during a key period in Ireland's history. This is the story of a questing soul whose complex imagination and emotions were sublimated into his short life as a prolific artist of outstanding originality. His skill and vision in glass have never been equalled in this century, and provide a bridge to the masterpieces of the medieval cathedrals; his exquisite ability to depict the unspeakably gruesome and the ethereally beautiful is unparalleled.