What's That as Gaeilge?

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How do you say in Irish 'the icing on the cake' or 'the acid test', or 'my Irish is a little rusty'? 'What's That as Gaeilge?' will help you to express in Irish the most common idioms in everyday English. The Irish equivalents suggested in this phrasebook are colourful and exciting, many with cultural, mythological and philosophical significance and even a few emerging from the Gaelscoileanna 'newspeak'. They will improve and enrich your spoke Irish skills for an upcoming oral examination or if you simply want to make your written and spoken Irish a tad more colloquial. The book is ideal for anyone interested in the beauty, flavour and rhythm of the living, modern language. Garry Bannister is the author of 'Essential Irish', 'Foclóir an Fhoghlaimeora', Teasáras na Gaeilge' and more recently 'Proverbs in Irish'.