Sacred Stones of Ireland

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Sacred stones and stone monuments occur frequently in the Irish landscape, from the Blarney Stone in Cork and Meadhbh's Grave in Sligo to St Patrick's Chair in Tyrone and the Royal Pillars of Tara in Meath. Christine Zuchelli explores the folklore attached to Ireland's ancient stones, explaining the myths, legends and cultural significance, and their relevance today. Some are considered the abodes of dieties or otherworld women, some are memorials to mythical heroes and historical kings and others remember the miracles of early saints. This is a wonderfully illustrated reminder of our spiritual past as some of these stones and monuments enter their fifth millenium. Christine Zuchelli studied Irish Folklore at University College Dublin. She travelled the country in search of the myths, legends and folklore behind the veneration of particular stones and trees and researched aspects of the sacred landscape.