The Faddan More Psalter

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In 2006 a highly significant archaeological discovery was made in a bog at Faddan More in Co Tipperary. The remains of an illuminated manuscript from the early medieval period, along with its leather cover, were discovered by chance, during turf cutting operations. The find made international headlines and today represents one of the National Museum of Ireland's top ten treasures. It is the first Insular manuscript to be discovered in over two hundred years and the first ever retrieved from a wetland environment. This incredible work charts the complex and challenging conservation process, the archaeological and palaeographical obstacles and the results of a decade of research that followed, revealing the many exciting discoveries made along the way. Described as a marvellous piece of work and a truly outstanding contribution by Professor Daibhi O Croinin, this is a fascinating insight into the journey of the Faddan More Psalter. The author, Dr John Gillis, is a Chief Conservator in the Library Preservation and Conservation Department, TCD. His major achievement to date has been the conservation of The Faddan More Psalter at the National Museum of Irelands Conservation Department. John has twice been resident scholar in the Getty Research Institute in Los Angeles.