Admiral Cannon Sharpener

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Armada cannon were used on board fighting ships, especially by the Spanish Armada. Large cannon could fire heavy cannonballs only over a short distance and they were slow to load. Smaller cannon could fire over a longer distance and were quicker to load. You can see a real armada cannon at our National Museum of Ireland - Decorative Arts and History, Collins Barracks, Dublin 7. Six bronze cannon from the Spanish Armada were found off the coast of Sligo in 2015. The shipwreck was dated to 1588. While it was being conserved at our National Musuem, one cannon was found to be loaded! This Armada Cannon Sharpener, with moving wheels, would make an interesting and useful addition to any pencil case, desktop, display shelf or model collection. Not suitable for children under 3 years. L 7.5cm H 3cm W 3.5cm